Ing. Marcela Křivohlávková Olbrechtová

Quality Control Manager

“Wine means a fully lived life to me, throughout which I’ve always been accompanied by wine. It is meditative, friendly, playful, attractive, and sensual, and is with me forever…

How did you get into wine?

Although winemaking and wineries run in my family, it landed up in my career by chance. But I have always been interested in chemistry and laboratories and have gotten into wine through studying these fields at the university.

What is your favourite wine?

I love the Riesling de Rhin variety and, thus, appreciate our Terroir Moravia range very much. It allows you to compare Rieslings de Rhin greatly in a sub-region from various tracks and villages across vintages. Interesting and unexpected comparisons also for more experienced lovers of wine are possible here.

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