Our team

Many faces are hidden behind the operation of the company.
Now, we will present you some of them.
Wine is an important part of life to each of them.

Ing. Bořek Svoboda

Managing Director

“I consider wine a part of life, not a profession. I think about wine all the time.”

How did you get into wine?

I gained my first vinicultural experience in our family vineyard in Mutěnice. I studied at the Secondary Wine School in Valtice and viticulture and viniculture at Mendel University in Brno.

What is your favourite wine?

It is not easy at all to say which wine is the best one for me, but I love to open Welschriesling. I like to choose from the 1508 or Ego ranges, for example. It belongs to the main range of our company. It is not by chance that Welschriesling is named after the date of my birth. :)

Ing. Roman Sečka

Sales Director

“I’ve been accompanied by wine throughout my life. It has brought me many good friends and experiences. Thanks to wine, I have a great hobby and job at the same time.”

How did you get into wine?

I was introduced to wine by my father. I had been working along with my parents in the vineyard and cellar in Mutěnice since childhood and gained professional experience by studying at secondary school and university.

What is your favourite wine?

I have always loved Riesling de Rhin, where I like to compare the effects of the region, vineyard and vintage. Such comparisons are greatly allowed by Terroir Moravia wines. I have recently come to like Welschriesling very much, especially that from Pálava.

Žaneta Spišiaková

Chief Economist

“A man who has wine and does not drink, who has grapes and does not eat, who has a woman and does not kiss her, and who avoids pleasure deserves you to take a stick and rod and whip and beat him – he’s not a man, he’s an ox.”

How did you get into wine?

I got into wine at the age of eighteen, after I began to work for Zámecké vinařství.

What is your favourite wine?

Personally, I prefer aromatic demi-sec wines, but I have “become addicted” to our Sekt 1876 sparkling wine during the last two years. This sparkling wine is suitable for every event.

Ing. Zbyněk Žiška

Chief OEnologist

“Winemaking does not mean work only to me – this is a lifestyle.”

How did you get into wine?

I was introduced to wine by my father. Winemaking has meant a hobby to him, to rest from work. I have adopted and developed his idea; thus, my hobby has become my job.

What is your favourite wine?

The one we drink with friends.

Ing. Marcela Křivohlávková Olbrechtová

Quality Control Manager

“Wine means a fully lived life to me, throughout which I’ve always been accompanied by wine. It is meditative, friendly, playful, attractive, and sensual, and is with me forever…

How did you get into wine?

Although winemaking and wineries run in my family, it landed up in my career by chance. But I have always been interested in chemistry and laboratories and have gotten into wine through studying these fields at the university.

What is your favourite wine?

I love the Riesling de Rhin variety and, thus, appreciate our Terroir Moravia range very much. It allows you to compare Rieslings de Rhin greatly in a sub-region from various tracks and villages across vintages. Interesting and unexpected comparisons also for more experienced lovers of wine are possible here.

Petr Miklošek

Technology Manager

“Wine means an integral part of culinary experiences to me.”

How did you get into wine?

Through my wife. She co-owned a wine shop and owns a vineyard. And I'm glad I did because I really enjoy this field and love to devote myself to it not only at work but also in my spare time.:)

What is your favourite wine?

It's Pinot Gris.

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