Terroir Moravia

Premium wines from typical terroirs in Moravia

Making so-called “terroir” wines implies a huge obligation and responsibility. Such wines are the right expression of the soil, microclimate, sensitive attitude to the vineyards, processing respecting the properties of the vineyard, and, of course, the vintage. Wines then have not only their inimitable face and unique personality but also their own spirit. However, the viticulturist’s effort, skill and fair work are put to good use because they enable us to compare varieties, vintages and tracks horizontally and vertically. That clothes make not only the man but also the wine is true also here.

The first designs were created with the first wines made according to this philosophy in 2009. We had been looking for a way how to grasp the label to represent perfectly the story of these wines described above for a long time. In cooperation with the prestigious London graphic office Claessens we finally chosen the historical map of Morava with emphasized watercourses and terrain unevenness. The second plan also shows the localization of the vineyard track and vintage. A rather conservative overall design was intentionally chosen. But it clearly says that you have a gentleman before you who has a clear idea of what he wants to say.


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