Sekt 1876

Premium sparkling wine made using a classic method

Did you know that the first sparkling wine made using the classic “champagne“ method in Bohemia and Moravia was made right in Bzenec? It was in 1876 and the first sparkling wine came into existence with the assistance of the administrator and later director of the estate in Bzenec, Franz Schwarzmann. He also won respect and recognition of French winemakers themselves due to his trophies from international competitions soon.

In 2013 we placed, with great respect and desire to penetrate the mysteries of that art of ”Great Winemakers”, the first bottles of sparkling wines of 2012 vintage to ripen in the original cellar booths. This story began there in 1876. When looking for inspiration for the label, we found that fundamental year to be so strong symbol for Czech viticulture that it became the leitmotif of the label. The overall design is to embody the reference to the tradition of sparkling wine production in Bzenec and emphasize the elegance and exceptionality of the moment when we savour a gulp of sparkling wine.

We make sparkling wines manually only and the whole production, ripening and finishing process takes place in the sparkling wine cellar in Bzenec.

The graphics have been designed by the prestigious London graphic office Claessens.


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