Morava Selection

A new range of quality wines. Cuvées and single-varietal harmonic wines from Moravian vineyards

A series of cabinet wines has also been created along with the Moravia Classic product series. This new series offers the best from Moravian grapes in the form of single-varietal wines or greatly balanced cuvées, remarkable for their fruitiness and juiciness. This series brings an obvious aim to make high-quality wines of Moravian origin, which are a ticket to the group of wines with special attributes.

The creation of the labels was connected with the name of the series that refers to the “selection of the best from Moravia” in the form of cabinet wines. We have ordered designs from the proven company Claessens again; it was at the birth of many labels of our product series.

The substance of the graphics is a reference to the castle, which is in the middle of the label, and the MORAVA SELECTION designation to point out that these wines are really made from Moravian grapes.


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