Herbarium Moravicum

Herbarium Moravicum or the herbal of Moravian grape vine varieties

You may know the Herbarium Moravicum wine series from shelves with wine in your vicinity. Today, this is one of the top-selling series of wines with special attributes ever in the Czech market. However, the process of its creation was not so simple. The idea came in 2004, when Bořek Svoboda, the Managing Director of the winery, wanted to create a comprehensive series of wines with special attributes to embody the expressive and typical varietal purity of the most popular varieties made from Moravian grapes. The “Herbarium of Moravian Varieties” was thus created. And when there was a herbarium, the label was also to show a bunch of the variety. However, the effort to embody that idea led us to Croatia after many unsuccessful attempts to depict a bunch of grapevine. It was a library in Zagreb where we found the book titled “Ampelografski atlas”. The illustrations by Greta Turković in that book expressed perfectly our vision how to combine an elegant and attractive design with beautiful wines in atypical bottles. By the way, it is also thanks to that shape that you can distinguish them securely from other wines on shelves.

The first form comes from the shop of the graphic designer Jana Wrightová. In 2015 we entrusted the prestigious London graphic office Claessens with redesign.


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