Our company’s flagship

The story of the EGO series began in 2006. It was forming in the minds of Bořek Svoboda, the Managing Director of the winery, and Petr Ptáček, the then Technologist. They were longing for making wines meeting fully their ideas for a long time, without customers, traders, and even the owner himself meddling with that. Simply, a “top-class wine” or flagship of the winery was to be created. And so, after an exacting day at the international Vinitaly trade fair, many tasted and inspiring samples of wines, an idea was born to give that series the charismatic name EGO. It was intended to express, in the best sense of the word, the meaning of the word “EGO”. But it also represents the EGO of the creators, the EGO of the terroir and, last but not least, the EGO of the variety in our conception. Also the signatures on the labels witness that the authors of this series are really serious. After all, they are also completed by another element, not less interesting; every variety or cuvée has also its number. This number is derived from the birth years of some of the members of the team who have participated in making the wine or gone down in the company’s history.

The first wine in this series was EGO No. 57 Pinot Blanc + Pinot Gris + Chardonnay. Cuvée, which is created by blending three Pinot varieties from three different wine sub-regions, is very popular with wine lovers every year.

At present the design of this series labels is the 2nd one. Hlawa creative worked on the first one and in 2015 we entrusted redesign to the prestigious London graphic office Claessens. This office is really a name in the world of beverage labels. In addition to the mentioned numbers, the label is also decorated with symbols depicting our viticulture world.

In 2019 this series was enriched with the special EGO Evolution edition, created on the occasion of the anniversary of MVDr. Jiří Kaprálek, the owner of the winery, and also the exclusive EGO Barrique series, offering carefully selected and sensitively trained wines in French barrels.


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