Collection 1508

A new collection of wines with special attributes from the Slovácko wine sub-region

Also the 1508 collection has its own story. Why this number? Wine lovers often rack their brains over the reply to this question when tasting this wine coming prevailingly from the Slovak Wine Sub-region. What is hidden behind this combination of numbers? What happened in 1508 and was so interesting that it decorates the label of this series? In that year, Michelangelo Buonarroti began to decorate the roof of the Sistine Chapel, for example.

But this is not the right answer. The answer is simpler than it may appear. This figure is connected with the ”genius loci” of the place of origin of these wines, which is the address Zámecká 1508 in Bzenec. This symbol is so strong that it perfectly expresses from where the wines come. And a peacock symbolizing the gracefulness of the Bzenec castle garden and, last but not least, also the carefully selected lots of wines that are excellent to combine with meals are added.

The idea came during a visit to the prestigious London graphic office Claessens that also took charge of its realization.


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